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Keeping Up with International and U.S. Airline Pet Shipping Policies: The Ultimate Guide

[fa icon="calendar'] January 22, 2020 / by Starwood Animal Transport posted in International Pet Shipping, Cat Relocation, Dog Relocation, Pet Relocation, air travel

This comprehensive guide contains the most current information available, but it is titled “Keeping Up” for a reason – things change in the world and in the world of pet travel. We will update this guide periodically as airlines change their policies or if key information changes regarding paperwork, vaccinations, service animals, crates, etc., found in the following chapters.

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Starwood Alert: Puppy Scams on the Rise During the Holidays

[fa icon="calendar'] December 19, 2019 / by Starwood Animal Transport posted in Puppy Scam

For any true pet lover, few things are more reprehensible than puppy scams. Yet, sadly, the Better Business Bureau says they’re getting more complaints about pet scams this holiday season than ever. In fact, reports and complaints have risen a whopping 39%, just in the past two years!

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Norwegian Air Pet Policies

[fa icon="calendar'] December 18, 2019 / by Starwood Animal Transport posted in Dog Travel, Cat Travel, Airline Policies, Travel Preparation

Norwegian Air may not be one of the world’s most prominent airlines, but if you and your pet are international traveling buddies, some day you might want to book a flight on this carrier. For example, you may be surprised to learn that Norwegian Air operates multiple shuttle routes to and from cities within Argentina. Here’s what you need to know about Norwegian Air’s pet policies.

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How to Prepare Your Kids For Your Pet's Overseas Travel

[fa icon="calendar'] December 6, 2019 / by Starwood Animal Transport posted in International Pet Shipping, Dog Travel, Cat Travel, Travel Preparation

The prospect of overseas travel is almost always exciting. You’re headed on a really great vacation. Or your family is moving overseas to start a new life chapter. You’ll be making memories either way, but first you have to get there. Preparing for overseas travel can be a bit more complex when you have kids, and considerably more complex when you have pets. If you have both, well . . .

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Should I Feed My Dog Before Flying? What Else Should I Know?

[fa icon="calendar'] December 6, 2019 / by Starwood Animal Transport posted in Pet Shipping

It seems like a simple question – should you feed your dog prior to his flight, or not? You don’t want him to go hungry, but you don’t want him to get sick, either. Unfortunately, this question is one of many examples where researching online results in conflicting information and opinions that can lead you to the wrong conclusion. So let’s set the record straight.

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