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Keeping Up with International and U.S. Airline Pet Shipping Policies: The Ultimate Guide

This comprehensive guide contains the most current information available, but it is titled “Keeping Up” for a reason – things ...
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Starwood Alert: Puppy Scams on the Rise During the Holidays

For any true pet lover, few things are more reprehensible than puppy scams. Yet, sadly, the Better Business Bureau says ...
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Norwegian Air Pet Policies

Norwegian Air may not be one of the world’s most prominent airlines, but if you and your pet are international traveling ...
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How to Prepare Your Kids For Your Pet's Overseas Travel

The prospect of overseas travel is almost always exciting. You’re headed on a really great vacation. Or your family is moving ...
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Should I Feed My Dog Before Flying? What Else Should I Know?

It seems like a simple question – should you feed your dog prior to his flight, or not? You don’t want him to go hungry, but ...
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How to Know and When to Give Your Pet CPR

It’s a pet parent’s worst nightmare. Your beloved companion collapses. He’s not breathing. You can’t find a pulse. Do you know ...
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Ultimate Guide to Relocating Overseas with Flat-Faced Dogs and Cats

Introduction Any overseas relocation that includes family pets will be challenging. Pet travel adds considerably to your to-do ...
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Thai Airways Pet Policies

If you and your furry family member are headed to Thailand, you may be considering Thai Airways to get you there. Since every ...
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