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ALERT: Airline Pet Transportation Status for San Juan, Puerto Rico

Published on: October 16, 2017  |  Author: Starwood Animal Transport

Puerto Rico Airline Status for Pet Travel.jpg

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, thousands of people are understandably anxious about returning to or leaving Puerto Rico safely. Many of you have pets and want to be able to take them along.

Unfortunately, as of today, the airlines are not fully capable of transporting people, let alone pets. However, they are working feverishly to return to normal operations as soon as they can. The issues preventing them from transporting pets are:

  • The airport is currently running on generator power, so there is no air conditioning to keep the pets cooled.
  • They don’t have water, so they can’t meet the IATA regulations for transporting live animals.  

Until these are in place they cannot allow pets in or out.  

At Starwood, we want to provide you with accurate information about all the airlines' status regarding their ability to transport animals. Below is a table that we will regularly update. Whenever we have a status change, we will get it posted here. So be sure to bookmark or save this post so you can check it as often as you need.

Airline Status Last Updated
United  United will now allow pets to fly out of Puerto Rico as Cargo 11/9/2017
 American  American will now allow pets to fly out of Puerto Rico when they are accompanied by a ticketed passenger 11/9/2017
  Delta Not allowing pets in or out  11/9/2017