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Benefits of Making Your Pet Famous on Social Media

Published on: November 11, 2016  |  Author: Starwood Animal Transport

What are the benefits of making your pet famous on social mediaEvery pet owner thinks their dog, cat, ferret, parrot – fill in the blank -- is the smartest, funniest, most adorable and remarkable creature on Earth. Probably in the entire galaxy. And we’re all right! Not only that, we’re just sure everyone else thinks as much of our pet as we do. Or they would, if only they could see Fido or Fluffy in action! No wonder pets have virtually taken over social media.
While pets of every possible description have established their own presence online, dogs and cats are by far the most prevalent. Perhaps you’re familiar with some (or all) of these four-legged celebrities:
  • Cole & Marmalade, a couple of fetching felines
  • Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund
  • @mensweardog
  • @hamilton_the_hipster_cat
  • @realgrumpycat
  • @knoxthedox
  • @beast_and_babe
  • Brie the Boston terrier, socially known @bonjourbrie

Which social media channels do pets prefer?

Marketing-savvy pets know to go where their biggest audience is likely to be. A pet-personalized website is a must. Socially speaking, the most popular sites are:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
Aside from simple sharing with an audience beyond your immediate friends and family, there are distinct benefits to promoting your pets on social media. So why keep your precious pooch or kitty a secret any longer? Here are 5 reasons to boost their social standing:

1. Have fun

Let’s face it. Your pet may be a natural ham, but you love encouraging him or her to play and pose. In fact, most popular pets social media sites show off the pet parents’ talents, too. Someone has to think up and create all those clever costumes, amazing props, etc. Someone has to be behind the camera. And someone has to perfect their editing skills to make sure each photo or video is ready for prime time.
You may also want to take amazing pet photos while traveling, so the memories last forever. Read our articles about how to capture the best selfies with your pet, so you can join in on the fun too!

2. Share your knowledge

Who doesn’t appreciate helpful tips and advice? Your pet’s website and social media posts are ideal for sharing useful information as well as just-for-fun visuals. You can write short articles, create video, or share content from other socially prominent pets or their humans. Write about caring for pets, taking great photos or videos, proper pet-iquette, or traveling with pets.
And what’s the other obvious way to share your knowledge? A blog, written from your pet’s perspective, of course.

3. Public recognition

Friskies and Modern Cat magazine, among others, sponsor contests and awards for socially popular pets and their visual productions. The aforementioned Cole & Marmalade each won Friskies awards, for “Black Cat Stick ‘em Up!” and “Dumpster Kitty,” respectively. You get the picture. Marmalade also won the Star Cat contest, which earned him a cover shot on Modern Cat Magazine and an inside feature story, too.
Last year, Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund really cleaned up. He landed on the New York Times Bestseller list, was awarded Best Blog of the Year by Bloggies, and received a Petties award for Best Video Post.
Why shouldn’t your dog or cat reap these same rewards?

4. Do good within the animal community

Cole & Marmalade lend a paw to felines large and small by promoting a specific brand of healthy cat treats on their website. A portion of the sales are donated to local cat shelters as well as to The Big Cat Rescue in Tampa. Your local shelter or rescue group(s) would undoubtedly love an assist from your famous pet.

5. Make money

Once you’ve established your pet’s social media presence, the more active you are, the more attention you’ll attract. Garner enough of a following, and your pet could be in demand for lucrative advertising or endorsement deals. No kidding. Bodhi, the dog otherwise known as @mensweardog, reportedly earns an impressive $15,000+ a month, thanks to guest appearances and sponsorships.
You don’t have to wait for offers to come to you. Reach out to companies to introduce your pet. (It won’t hurt if you’ve made an effort to incorporate their products in your photos and videos.)
You can also earn money by promoting everything from pet food and accessories to your pet’s own line of branded merchandise. Just think: the next time you laughingly tell your pet they should get a job to pay for their upkeep, it might not be a joke.
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