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Finding a Vet in Ireland

Published on: May 3, 2019  |  Author: Starwood Animal Transport

Vet in Ireland with dog and owner

Lots of American expats are living in Ireland these days. Most are there for business, but it’s a lovely country to visit on sabbatical or to retire. Whatever your reason for moving to Ireland, we know your beloved pet will be moving, too. One of your first, and most important, tasks will be finding a vet for your furry friend. At least you won’t have to worry about a language barrier!

You don’t even have to wait till you get to Ireland to begin your search for a vet. You can do some preliminary work now, to find out what kinds of practices exist and create a short list of vets to meet after you arrive. You also can make a list of questions to ask when you meet.

Where can you find a vet?

  • One of the best sources for information about your new homeland – about everything, not only where to find a vet – is expats who already live there. So check in with colleagues within your company who are in Ireland to ask about a referral. You can also search online to find expat forums devoted to living in Ireland.

  • This article has some good tips on questions you should ask a prospective vet before choosing one, and there is also a lengthy list of vets throughout Ireland.

  • Look online, specifying your soon-to-be location as part of your search. For example, if you’re looking in Monaghan or Stillorgan (just south of Dublin), Yelp will have several veterinary practice ratings and reviews for you to review.

  • If your pet is a kitty, the purrfect vet practice for you may be Just Cats in Dublin. Their entire team of vets and technicians is specifically feline-qualified. And, as they like to say, “we have always been big believers in treating each cat personality differently. We call it having cattitude.” The entire clinic is designed just for cats, from the scale of exam rooms and equipment to the comfort of the waiting room – which is, of course, dog-free.

Just Cats provides a full range of veterinary services and also offers free clinics where their Registered Veterinary Nurses give advice on weight management, perform post-surgical exams and senior checks, and administer flea and tick treatments.

  • On the other hand, if your four-legged BFF is a pooch, this Dogs First page will be helpful in your search. You’ll find two lists of Irish vets – one of docs who are “natural-minded” and one of docs who are fully-trained in holistic medicine.
  • You can’t go wrong with a vet school. The University College Dublin Veterinary Hospital offers “specialty services, dedicated internationally recognized staff and modern equipment, serving the needs of the veterinary profession and the animal owning public.” Their services even include a physical therapy rehab clinic and a blood donor clinic (in case your dog or cat wants to become a blood donor).

But, first, you have to get to Ireland

Starting the search for a veterinarian is just one of a million things you’ll need to do in preparation for relocating to Ireland. OK, not a million, exactly, but it will sure feel like that. The easiest way to relieve a lot of stress and gain complete peace of mind where your pet’s move is concerned, is to let our Starwood team handle the details. We can take care of everything, from his itinerary to health and import documentation. We even offer 100% door-to-door service.

And while we’re working on organizing your pet’s travel, you can focus on getting him prepared for the Big Move. The one thing we can’t help you with is finding the right vet in Ireland.

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