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How to Take Great Selfies with Your Pet

Published on: October 28, 2016  |  Author: Starwood Animal Transport

How to take great selfies with your pet

Pet owners never need an excuse to take photos of their pets while traveling. We take pictures of them the minute we get them, and we keep snapping shots every chance we get, recording them at play and sound asleep. If you’re thinking about travel with your furry beloved one, you will want to plan for a stress free flight and travel experience with your pet. You’ll certainly want to record all that you all experience too. These animal photo tips will help you take memorable selfies – just the two of you, on an adventure.

Getting great photos can be tough

Whether you’re in the midst of a pet travel excursion or hanging out at home, you know dogs and cats aren’t always inclined to cooperate for photo sessions. Dogs have a situational attention span – they might love you “most,” but show them a squirrel and they’ve already forgotten about you. 

Some cats seem to resent the entire concept of photography. Aim a camera their way, and they’ll promptly turn their back or stalk away, tail twitching to emphasize their displeasure. You may have to hang on to Miss Kitty if you hope to get a selfie with her.

Fortunately, there are plenty of animal photo tips specifically aimed at helping you get your pet to stick around and stay still long enough to click of a pic or two. So take heart. And go get that phone.

When it comes to dogs, you’ll have better luck posing your guy if he’s tired. He’ll be less antsy and less distracted. So run him around a bit before your photo session.

Well-trained dogs may be more inclined to “wait” or “stay” in their pose. But let’s face it – they have a limit. You’ll get better cooperation and better results if you get in, get the shot and release the dog. Reward him for his work, so he learns to love having his picture taken.

Experts that offer animal photo tips suggest you hold down your smartphone’s exposure button. That lets you snap off multiple shots, one right after the other, improving your chances of getting a great one.

By definition, selfies must have you in the picture. But follow your pet’s lead – you’ll capture far more interesting and fun shots, hassle-free. If they’re on the ground, floor or sofa, get down there with them and shoot an aerial view. Or lift your pet into your arms for a tête-à-tête close-up.

If all else fails, enlist a friend to help. Have them wave a treat to help channel your pet’s attention as you snap the selfie shot.

Tools help make the most of animal photo tips

Your smartphone may be no match for an expensive digital camera when it comes to pet photos, but we’re talking pet travel here. You may be traveling light, or you may not even own a separate camera. Who cares? There are two tools designed specifically for smartphones that will help you take selfies you (and everyone you share them with) will love. 

Selfie sticks have become ubiquitous. We take endless photos of ourselves, alone and with our friends. It stands to reason that we want selfies with our pet, too. Selfie sticks give you many more photographic options. So if you don’t yet have one, know that this device can make taking pet travel selfies a lot easier.

There are multiple brands and models of selfie sticks, from basic ones that require you to use your smartphone’s camera timer to fancier ones that use Bluetooth to link the stick with your phone. Whatever you choose, get it now so you can practice. That way you’ll be a selfie stick expert before your pet travel plans get underway. 

There’s another new product on the market you’ll love, too. It’s called Pooch Selfie, though you could use it to photograph your cat, too. Pooch Selfie is a simple device that attaches to the top of any smartphone or tablet. It holds a colorful tennis ball with a squeaker. You’ve already figured out how it works – instead of “watch the birdie,” your pet will be watching that ball. Or treat. Or catnip mouse. Whatever they’re passion, you’ll have their attention, directed right at the camera.

It works with both front and rear-facing phone cameras, so you can easily toggle between portrait and selfie mode.

One final animal photo tip

Selfies with your pet don’t have to be pro-perfect. Furthermore, you don’t have to share every pet travel selfie right away. Consider giving it a bit of additional flair with a photo app such as Photoshop Express. Woof, indeed.

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