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4 Ways To Get Your Cat Prepared For A Move

Every cat owner knows felines don’t like change. Moving is probably #1 on their Most-Hated list. But sometimes moving happens ...
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Beware of Kitten and Puppy Scams!

It’s bad enough when con artists and criminals steal your money, but when they steal your heart, too, that’s truly ...
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Tips To Help Me Move Overseas With My Pets

One good thing to do when you’re considering moving overseas with pets is to read online forums or blogs written by expats ...
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4 Steps To Leaving Your Pet's Fleas Behind When You Move

Your dog or cat has fleas? Oh, dear. This needs to be fixed, and right away, for your pet’s sake as well as yours. If you’re ...
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Moving A Pet: Tips For Finding A Pet-Friendly Apartment

Whether you are relocating for a job, taking your family on a long-term adventure or finally realizing your dream of retiring ...
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What to Pack When Moving to Hong Kong

So you’re moving to Hong Kong. One of the first challenges families face with an international move is that you cannot take ...
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Will My Pet Be Quarantined When Moving From The USA?

Every country around the world has its own set of rules and regulations for people who want to import pets. Naturally, the ...
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Tips For Summer Pet Travel

  Depending on where you live, you might be hard-pressed to believe that summer will be here before you can believe it. If ...
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