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Is Air Travel Safe For Dogs?

Dogs travel safely on airplanes around the country and around the world, all the time. The safety statistics for pet air ...
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Tips For Long Flights With Your Pets

Just as it is for people, taking a very long flight with pets requires a bit more planning than a short-hop flight. These tips ...
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Is Air Travel Safe For My Snub-Nosed Dog?

There are several dog breeds that have short, or snub noses - also known as brachycephalic breeds. These include: ...
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How Can Pets Be Shipped?

Zoos and other organizations ship all manner of living creatures around the world on a regular basis. For families, though, ...
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The Risks of Relocating with Your Pet in the Winter

  An overseas move can happen at any time of the year. If you will be relocating with your pet in the winter, you need to be ...
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Moving With Pets - Tips For A Smooth Relocation

Moving with pets is a very different experience than moving people and “stuff.” While the process of organizing your family ...
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Things to Do in Dublin with Your Dog

  Moving to a foreign country can be the adventure of a lifetime, but it’s also a lot of work, with a lot of concerns - ...
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What You Need to Know About Moving Your Pet to Singapore

  Singapore is a country well-known for having very strict rules about many things and importing pets is one of them. If ...
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