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Play Destinations in Dublin for You and Your Pet

[fa icon="calendar"] February 26, 2019 / by Starwood Animal Transport

 Killiney Hill in Dublin, a great play destinations for you and your pet

Moving to a foreign country can be the adventure of a lifetime, but it’s also a lot of work, with a lot of concerns. Especially of your family includes pets. Using a professional pet transport company lightens the load when it comes to your to-do list, but even more importantly it relieves the stress and worry that pet parents naturally experience regarding their four-legged loved one’s overseas travel.

If you’re moving to Dublin, Ireland, give us a call. Our Starwood teams in the US and the UK are poised to take on your pet’s move while you handle the rest of the details. Then all you have to do is get settled once you arrive, so you and your pet can get busy becoming Dubliners. There are lots of things you can do to help your dog or cat adjust, but finding places to play tops the list.

Dogs just want to run

Lovin Dublin (a website you’ll want to check out as a new local) notes that “what's lucky for us Dubliners is that a brilliant, beautiful and even historical dog walk is never more than 30 minutes away.” They list 11 places you might try, including:

  • Burrow Beach, Sutton

Lovin Dublin says this place is locally known as “Hole-In-The-Wall beach” – a must-visit for you and your dog, but perhaps not in the heat of summer, when the beach is crowded with families with children.

  • Corkagh Park Dog Park, Clondalkin

Well-secured off-leash area, and a water station to keep dehydration at bay. (Don’t forget to take a portable dish.)

  • Killiney Hill

Beautiful for walks, off-leash area for pups to run and a beach where your pooch can dip toes in the (cold) water.

  • Marlay Park, Rathfarnham

Multiple off-leash areas inside a double fence, complete with a river for a refreshing doggie swim. Once your pup has gotten the zoomies out of his system, you can stroll the food stalls at the Marley Farmers Market. 

  • Memorial Gardens, Kilmainham

Just across from Phoenix Park, this place features rose gardens and lots of other flowers to see and sniff, plus it’s off-leash-friendly. And, with all those stairs, you can get in a good workout yourself, too.

Time for a break

After hours of play, you will have worked up a powerful hunger, and probably a thirst as well. Where to go with dog in tow? Dogs are not allowed on public transportation or inside Dublin’s restaurants and shops, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grab a tasty bite and a refreshing pint of Guinness (or whatever your favorite beverage may be) at an outdoor, dog-friendly spot. These are a couple of places that will welcome both of you:

  • The Doghouse Blues Tearoom, Howth

Howth is a little fishing village just to the north of Dublin. Their famous warm brownies with ice cream may be off-limits for your dog, but you might consider slipping him a piece of your wood-fired pizza.

  • Pupp restaurant, Dublin 8

Aptly named, this is a great place for a sit-down meal or to grab some takeaway for the park or at home later on. It is located centrally located, and serves dog-appropriate beer imported from Belgium. Sláinte! (That’s a traditional Irish Gaelic toast that means roughly “to your health.” Practice saying it now: SLAN-chuh.) Pupp is dog-friendly in more ways than one, with accessories and toys for sale in their boutique.

And, speaking of toys and accessories, it’s possible that your pooch prefers pampering to play. In that case, you will want to check out Fitzsimons’ Grooming Parlour. They offer seasonal specials and will even come collect your furry friend and then return him home after his spa day.

But what if your pet is a cat?

While there is no shortage of fun stuff to do with your dog in Dublin, there are no public play areas for cats. So you’ll have to stay home to play with your kitty. However, if you are out and about (minus the dog) and wishing for a chance to pet some felines, you will most certainly want to visit the Cat Lounge.

This is Dublin’s only kitty café, and it is, as they say, the cat’s meow. You can’t just stop in, though. This is a destination, so you must reserve a time in advance and follow the rules. Nonetheless, it is a cat’s paradise, and if you fall in love with one of the residents, good news – they are all adoptable.

Cat in a red suitcase ready to fly


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