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Safe Places to Go for a Swim with Your Dog in Singapore

Published on: August 13, 2018  |  Author: Starwood Animal Transport

Woman and a dog swimming underwater in a pool in singapore

When it gets hot – something it does pretty much all year in Singapore – our thoughts turn to water. A refreshing dip can lower our temperature and raise our enthusiasm level. Especially when we’re swimming with our dog. So, if you’re living in Singapore (or about to relocate there), where can you go with your favorite canine to take in the waters?

Dog-friendly pools abound in Singapore

Perhaps because the weather is, in fact, so warm, there are a lot of swimming pools around Singapore that cater to dogs. Some of them, we must warn you, cater only to four-legged swimmers, so you’ll have to sit on the sidelines and cheer on your pooch (or take pictures of his antics). But some encourage pet + owner participation in the splashy fun. So the only hard part is deciding where to go today.

Before you charge out the door, though, note that most dog-friendly pools require their visitors (dogs, not you) to show proof of up-to-date vaccinations. They also ask that your dog be well-mannered and free of fleas and ticks. Well, you wouldn’t have that any other way, would you? Sharing the water is one thing, but no one wants to share disease or pests. 

Two of Singapore’s favorite pools? 

Sunny Heights

This doggie daycare and hotel operation that features a swimming pool open to the public (for a fee). And not just any pool. It features a 3-step entry, so your pup can take his time getting used to the water. This is a huge plus if your dog is not yet sure that water is going to be fun. Rather than forcing him to take a plunge that makes him nervous, he can gradually come to love the cool, refreshing feel of wading before getting deeper into things. 

There is also a pipe that spurts water, so your guy can get used to the change in temperature, too. And when you fun in the pool comes to an end, you can take advantage of Sunny Heights’ dog wash area, complete with supplies and a blow dryer. Obviously, these guys have thought of everything. You can even rent a lift jacket for your dog. 

Which reminds us to remind you how critical it is to keep your dog safe around water. So many people don’t realize that swimming is actually a learned ability for most dogs, not something they instinctively know how to do. 

The Wagington

Holy cats! (if you’ll pardon our use of an inter-species expression). This place is over the top. Swimming is just a drop in the bucket when you check out the entire range of sumptuous features The W offers to the canine community – luxe hotel suites, salon and spa, fitness activities, even an exclusive Club (yep, that’s Club with a capital C). Naturally, they have their own pet taxi service, too. 

Also naturally, their pool is shaped like a dog bone. Cleverly, it’s called the Bone Pool. It’s not overly large, but it’s cool and wet, and what dog needs more than to have fun? The pool is also chlorinated, so be sure to rinse Fido before leaving for home. 

Who needs a pool when you can head to the beach?

Whether your dog is a coastal native or he’s never laid eyes on the ocean, moving to Singapore is the perfect opportunity to have some fun in the surf together. Play fetch on the sand. Practice jumping the waves. Tanjong Beach is a local hot spot ideal for human sunbathing as well as frolicking in the sea with your best furry friend. 

Be sure to pack sunscreen for yourself and your dear dog. He will rue his day at the beach (or in the pool) if he comes home with a painful sunburn – or, worse, suffers heat exhaustion. 

Yet more water action around Singapore

Near Tanjong Beach you’ll find Stand Up Paddling School. Paddle boarding is all the rage now, all around the world. It’s a workout but easy to learn, and that big board offers a nice platform for your dog to sit and enjoy the oceanic scenery while you chauffeur him around. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard where you live in Singapore, you can also consider getting a kiddie wading pool. It will be too shallow for swimming, perhaps, but perfect for cooling hot paws and toes without even having to leave home. That’s a tail-wagger for sure.

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