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What You Must Know About Moving A Pet to Dubai

[fa icon="calendar'] May 27, 2015 / by Starwood Animal Transport posted in Dubai Pet Shipping

It looks like you will be moving to Dubai. That’s a big change, whether you’re moving from the US or most any other country. But there is a growing population of expats in the United Arab Emirates – Dubai and Abu Dhabi, especially – so your relocation isn’t that unusual. If your family includes dogs and/or cats, however, their part of your move will be anything but “business as usual.”

You wouldn’t dream of going without your furry companions. They are an integral part of your family, and you can’t imagine life without them. Nonetheless there are some things to consider about moving a pet to the United Arab Emirates:

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Buster's Move to Dubai

[fa icon="calendar'] January 22, 2014 / by Starwood Animal Transport posted in Dubai Pet Shipping

Howdy y’all! My friends from the neighborhood know me as “Big Buddy” but my owners call me Buster. My home in Houston, Texas is a pretty cool place for a big dog like me to live. I am a Black Labrador and I enjoy running around my backyard, meeting other big dogs like me and eating some delicious Texas Barbecue. Houston is a nice city filled with endless activities for a dog. One day, when I came back from playing with my neighborhood pals, there were boxes all over my house. I ran to my owners and saw a plane ticket going to a place I’ve never even heard of before: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). I thought to myself; Why are we leaving? What is the United Arab Emirates? Are the dogs nice there? I soon discovered that my owner was taking a job in Dubai and this city was going to be my new home.

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