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Medical Requirements for Moving Overseas With a Flat-Face Dog

Health certification is more than a formality for pets hoping to travel overseas. That’s especially true if your dog is one of ...
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Medical Requirements for Moving Overseas with a Flat-Face Cat

Pet parents demand two things when arranging to move their beloved cat overseas – safety and comfort. But we tend to think of ...
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Airlines and Flat-Faced Dogs or Cats

Flat-faced dogs and cats now get special attention from airlines. Brachycephalic pets are considered special cases because air ...
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Alitalia Airlines Pet Policies

Alitalia – Italy’s official airline – is one of the smaller international carriers that transports pets as well as humans. So ...
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Paperwork Required for Moving Overseas with a Flat-Faced Cat

No matter what kind of pet you have or where you’re moving overseas, the will be paperwork. Probably lots of it. Foreign ...
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What Travel Conditions are Stressful for my Flat-Faced Dog?

Travel can be stressful for any dog, under the right conditions. Most pups love an interesting adventure, but a long plane ...
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What Travel Conditions are Stressful for My Flat- Faced cat?

Pet parents and pet lovers are coming to grips with the fact that flat-faces may be cute, but they also pose serious breathing ...
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What is Brachycephaly?

Oh, those adorable flat-faced pets. From tiny tykes such as Shih Tzus and pugs to boxers and mastiffs, we find our canines’ ...
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