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Air France Pet Policies

[fa icon="calendar'] July 3, 2019 / by Starwood Animal Transport posted in Pet Travel, Dog Travel, Cat Travel, Pet Relocation, France, Airline Policies

Air France welcomes almost all dogs and cats to travel in the passenger cabin, in the hold (what you might call “checked baggage”), or as freight (cargo), depending on their size, breed, and destination. You can research the airline’s pet policies and rates in full detail on their website, but we have pulled together all the key information for you below.

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Petiquette in France

[fa icon="calendar'] June 19, 2019 / by Starwood Animal Transport posted in Pet Care, Pet Travel, Pet Relocation, France

So you and your pet are moving to France. That’s excellent news. Whether your precious Fifi is a petite, purse-size poodle or a 60-pound Great American Shelter Dog, les chiens are très chic in France. And, yes, cats are well-loved, too. But for obvious reasons, dogs are more likely to be seen in public where best behavior is a must. So what do the French expect when it comes to petiquette?

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