Traveling with Pets

Keeping Up with International and U.S. Airline Pet Shipping Policies: The Ultimate Guide

[fa icon="calendar'] January 22, 2020 / by Starwood Animal Transport posted in International Pet Shipping, Cat Relocation, Dog Relocation, Pet Relocation, air travel

This comprehensive guide contains the most current information available, but it is titled “Keeping Up” for a reason – things change in the world and in the world of pet travel. We will update this guide periodically as airlines change their policies or if key information changes regarding paperwork, vaccinations, service animals, crates, etc., found in the following chapters.

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Ultimate Guide to Relocating Overseas with Flat-Faced Dogs and Cats

[fa icon="calendar'] November 29, 2019 / by Starwood Animal Transport posted in International Pet Shipping, brachycephalic dogs, Cat Relocation, Dog Relocation, Pet Relocation, air travel, flat-faced pet


Any overseas relocation that includes family pets will be challenging. Pet travel adds considerably to your to-do list because it can be convoluted, confusing, and time-consuming. On top of that, every pet parent is naturally concerned about how your furry beloved will weather the journey. Could it get any more complicated?

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What is Brachycephaly?

[fa icon="calendar'] August 30, 2019 / by Starwood Animal Transport posted in Pet Care, Pet Shipping, International Pet Shipping, Pet Travel, Pet Health, snub-nosed dog, Brachycephalic Breeds, Pet Relocation, Airline Policies, flat faced pets

Oh, those adorable flat-faced pets. From tiny tykes such as Shih Tzus and pugs to boxers and mastiffs, we find our canines’ wrinkly faces, big eyes, and funny snorty sounds to be entirely endearing. And let’s not forget flat-faced felines – from stately Persians to Scottish Folds, their snub noses have captured our hearts, too. Sadly, however, those flattened faces can cause serious health problems.

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How to Bring Your Cat When You Move Abroad

[fa icon="calendar'] July 22, 2019 / by Starwood Animal Transport posted in Pet Shipping, International Pet Shipping, Cat Travel, Pet Transport, Pet Relocation

Moving to a foreign country means a trip for the entire family, and that includes the four-legged members. Your kitty doesn’t know it yet, but she’s about to become an international traveler. So, in addition to planning the human side of your move, you will have to map out her journey, too. The key to a smooth feline move is advance planning, so start as early as possible.

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Cathay Pacific Airways Pet Policies

[fa icon="calendar'] July 19, 2019 / by Starwood Animal Transport posted in Pet Travel, Dog Travel, Cat Travel, Pet Relocation, Airline Policies

Cathay Pacific Airways is Hong Kong’s official airline, serving destinations around the world. Via their integrated partner Cathay Dragon, the airline also connects numerous cities in China with service to Hong Kong. You may not be familiar with this air carrier, but if you’re moving to Hong Kong, you may well find yourself aboard. So what does that mean for your pet?

Here’s what you need to know about pet travel on Cathay Pacific. You can get further details on the airline’s website, or by contacting our pet travel experts here at Starwood Animal Transport.

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