International Pet Relocation and Travel Requirements by Country

When it comes to traveling with your pet to a new country, you need to make sure you know all the rules and regulations before you take off. The problem is that each country has its own specific international pet shipping rules, which can make it very confusing when doing your research. That's why we created our guides below to help assist you with pet transportation. Whether you're wondering how to bring a dog to the USA or ship your cat to the UK, we have resources to help. Select your country below and learn more! 


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Flying with your Pet

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Scam Alert!

Puppies and Kittens
Puppies and kittens are being offered to people by companies that claim to be our company (or one of many legitimate pet shipping companies). Very often these puppies or kittens do not exist. When purchasing a puppy or kitten, please make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate company. 

Here at Starwood, we do not sell any type of animal.

Learn more about the Puppy & Kitten Scams.

Western Union and MoneyGram
There are many unscrupulous who use email addresses that resemble our company (or one of many legitimate pet shipping companies) to try and get your to pay for pet shipping services they have no intention of providing.

Here at Starwood, we never ask for payments via Western Union or MoneyGram.