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First Class Pet Air Transport & International Pet Shipping Services

Every move is different, and every pet is special. At Starwood Animal Transport, we are pet relocation service experts.

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Take the Stress Out of Moving with Our Pet Air Transport Services

We understand your concerns because we’re pet parents, too. You can count on us to provide caring, compassionate attention to your beloved pets, just as you do.

We offer long distance pet transport and comprehensive door-to-door service across the US and from the US to many countries around the world.

With decades of experience under our belts and a trusted network of global partners, we make international travel with pets as peaceful as possible by attending closely to every detail of the move and providing customized levels of service based on your needs.

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Long-Standing Relationships with Airlines Worldwide

We are intimately familiar with all the latest country and airline import/export regulations. We have long-standing relationships with airlines worldwide, so we navigate the carrier-and-route selection process more efficiently than you can on your own (and with a lot less frustration).


What’s Included in International Pet Air Transport Services

Select the right package of services based on your needs.

Boarding at a local top rated kennel

All airport 

IATA-approved travel kennel

Completion of health certificates

Export or import documentation

All air cargo expenses

Customs clearance

Delivery to new residence or handover at the airport

Pick up from residence or meet & greet near the airport


Pet Travel Knowledge Base

Pet in transit 

Transparent pricing

Global Pet Register

Weather Embargoes on Pet Relocation

We offer long distance pet transport and comprehensive door-to-door service across the US and around the world. With decades of experience under our belts, we make moving cross-country with pets easy.

Shipper Restrictions on 
Pet Air Travel

Some airlines and/or countries will not allow pets to travel with you in-cabin or as accompanied baggage or they only accept live animal shipments from professional pet shippers. Check with your intended airline to review any specific pet shipping policies.

Optional Boarding for 
Your Pets

If necessary, we can board your pet until you are ready for them to travel. We’re happy to collect your pet from home, a relative, your veterinarian, or your favorite boarding facility if you need extra time to relocate.

Our Policy on Flight Cancellations

Flight cancellations are rare. If your pet’s flight is canceled, we will pick them up and arrange for them to travel to you on the next possible flight. We will contact you and/or the consignee before making new travel arrangements.

Starwood’s Policy on 

Our primary concern is always the health and safety of the pets that we transport. Tranquilizers or sedatives can be more harmful than helpful to your pet during air travel, so we will not ship any pet who has been sedated or tranquilized.

Tax Tip:
 Save Your Receipt

One of the perks of transporting your pet is that pet moving expenses are tax-deductible if the relocation is job-related. Please consult your accountant and refer to IRS publication #521.

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