Manchester Pet Transport

Need to send your pet to or from Manchester, England (MAN)? Let our team of pet shipping experts help. Whether you’re sending your pet domestically or internationally, our professional team of experts will ensure your pet arrives safely.

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Our Manchester pet shipping service includes:

  • Door to door transport, both international and domestic
  • Assistance with health certificates, import certificates, and other travel documents
  • USDA endorsement and consular legalization (when needed) of all relevant documents where required
  • Airline approved flight kennels provided with personalized labels, identification and emergency notification instructions
  • Customs clearance and delivery to your home
  • Local pet taxi service to and from the airport, your home, veterinarian, kennel, or groomer – available in the Manchester area
  • Travel consultation and flight reservations

We will inform you of your pet's full itinerary before the trip and we will update you as your pet travels to Manchester. 

We have an affiliated office in the United Kingdom who will monitor your pet’s arrival and will call you to let you know the delivery time on the day of arrival.

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Inbound Manchester Pet Shipping

To travel to Manchester from an "approved country", pets must be prepared as follows:

  • Microchip
  • Current rabies vaccination greater than 21 days old
  • EU Health Certificate
  • International Health Certificate
  • Tapeworm Treatment

Outbound Manchester Pet Shipping

If you are looking to take your pet out of Manchester by air, we can help. Starwood provides bespoke solutions for pet shipping to anywhere in the world. We can arrange door to door transport solutions to make your move as easy as possible, taking care of all the documentation, vaccinations, flights and transportation.

As part of a global network, we guarantee to arrange the most direct, shortest and best possible travel solution for your pets. We can facilitate pre-travel boarding and veterinary support at a farm based boarding facility close to the Manchester airport.

Starwood offers the following pet travel services:

  • Personal travel consultant throughout your pets trip
  • Pre-travel advice on all aspects of your preparation
  • Flight booking on the most direct route available
  • All export documentation including AHVLA (DEFRA) and Customs requirements
  • All veterinary preparation
  • Collection from your home anywhere in the UK
  • Pre-travel boarding at a luxury boarding facility
  • Provision of a tailor made airline specification air kennel
  • Pre-flight veterinary examination
  • Extensive and secure pre-flight exercise areas
  • Delivery to the airport of your choice
  • Provision of our Pet Protection Plan for your comfort and reassurance throughout your pets trip
  • Full arrival services, including destination Customs clearance and delivery to your new residence
  • Disposal of air kennel
  • Destination veterinary recommendation in most locations

We can tailor any package to suit your requirements, making your move as easy as possible. All you need to do is select what services you desire and we’ll do the rest.

Learn how to travel with your pets to the Manchester Airport by viewing their guide!


"Blake and Raven had a wonderful journey. I don't think the trip phased them in the least. They are happily settled and enjoying life in Georgia. Kenny did a wonderful job taking care of them both. He was very conscience and caring, and made sure they were fine before leaving.

Thank you for your service. I will definitely recommend your business to anyone needing to relocate their pet family. "


"Starwood Animal Transport was recommended to us by our house movers. We provided our address in England and our destination in Florida. After that every single detail was organized by them and the whole exercise was completely stress-free for both us and our horse. Billie Hester, our contact with Starwood kept us informed at each stage of the horse's journey and responded quickly to any questions we had. We heartily recommend this company."

Allison and Bill Carnell

"Just want to say a massive THANK YOU for all your help and support through the process of Daisy & Poppy's big adventure. You have been reassuring when I have had a few tears worrying about how my dogs will be and explained the process every step of the way.

When my daughter picked us up in Toronto we got a bit lost looking for the meeting point with Jason. I called him and explained where we were and he actually came to us and we were able to follow him to the cargo place where our dogs were. Jason was a lovely man and took us to our dogs who were really pleased to see us and they were fine. He then helped us back on the right road to the U S border by leading the way in his car and signaling where we had to turn off.

Daisy and Poppy slept during our 3 hour drive across the border and on to our daughter’s house. They settled down well and are getting used to their temporary home.

Thank you again for all your help and support and I wish you and your family well for the future. "


"Callie was fine after her first airplane ride and was happy to see me. I am thrilled that she is finally here. She is busily sniffing everything in our new home.

I want you to know how appreciative I am for the excellent job that you and Starwood did getting my little girl here to me. You made the process painless and it is obvious that you and the staff at Starwood really care about people’s pets. Thank you so much. I will definitely refer Starwood to any friends that might need their pets transported across the country or internationally. "


"Thanks so much Billie, that's excellent news, you go above and beyond and we appreciate that so much. I hope Minnie is somehow aware that you and your team have done an amazing job, but being a Siamese she expects a royal service and she has received just that. Its great to know she's on her way, I guess she will arrive early tomorrow morning Aust. time. Can't wait to see her. Our sincere thanks once again David and Belinda."

David and Belinda

"You guys run a very professional operation and the people could not have been nicer. Thanks for organizing all this. Our puppy is finally home."


"Many thanks for all the support you gave us with Snoopy through this move. I have no hesitation in recommending you for your excellent pet services. Snoopy is doing fine and we are eagerly waiting to see him in Singapore."